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Cocalico's Act 48 Professional Education Plan is aimed at providing teachers professional growth opportunities that enable the district to better achieve its mission, fulfill the Strategic Plan, address the PA Standards and Chapter 4 Regulations, and deliver local planned instruction in a fashion that increases student achievement.

The plan includes a systematic approach that promotes best instructional practice and research-proven staff development principles.

The underlying belief of this plan is that if we, as an educational organization, are to meet the changing needs of students and contribute positively to our society, each professional in the school district must actively participate and pursue educational growth activities. Professional growth of individuals is linked to student achievement.

A summary listing of the goals is as follows:

Goal Area #1

Local and standardized test data analysis and action planning

Goal Area #2

Research-based instructional strategies, practices and programs

Goal Area #3

Positive school culture

Goal Area #4

Use of technology in all facets of education


Local and standardized test data analysis and action planning

•To train all staff in the use of protocols, data analysis and action planning
•To continuously refine existing assessment strategies
•To monitor the implementation of action planning and adjust instruction as needed
•To embed these practices in daily operations


Research-based instructional strategies, practices and programs

•Utilize ongoing assessment data to plan instruction to meet the needs of all students
•To gain expertise in specific content areas, ensuring all teachers are highly qualified
•To increase teachers' repertoire of effective teaching strategies (i.e. differentiated instruction, cooperative learning, acceleration, remediation, team teaching)
•To explore supplemental resources that enhance instruction
•To apply research-based instructional practices to meet the needs of all learners including gifted, English Language Learners, and special needs students


Positive school culture

•To manage student behavior more effectively
•To increase and promote student motivation, leadership and pride in their achievements
•To improve collaboration and communication among members of the school and community
•To enhance the school's ability to diagnose and address situations in a positive, productive, and professional manner
•To learn more about creating and maintaining a safe school via proven techniques and programs (i.e.. CPR, CRT, and SAP)
•To provide the district and each school with quality leadership through a strong and capable instructional leadership team, a pervasive focus on evidence-based teaching and learning, a culture of trust, and continuous improvement through accountability of performance.
•To strive to develop authentic relationships with families, the community, businesses, and higher education through the use of strategic alignment and utilization of staff, facilities, time, fiscal resources, and technology, and intensive supports for "struggling" students, teams, or school.


Use of technology in all facets of education

•To increase student and professional staff use of current technology
•To improve and enhance skills of all professionals in data analysis and record keeping
•To integrate curriculum with current technology to reflect evidence of student achievement
•To involve Director of Technology in all decisions involving technology


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